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"I Rezin’s music is inspired by many life hurdles, joys, and questions. She uses music as an outlet and a megaphone to amplify her passions and messages that she believes need to be heard. Being an African-American woman raised by white parents has put her in the position of a misfit in both worlds but has also given her what she believes is a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between races and be an ambassador for peace and understanding through her music. The most significant influence on Rezin’s music has been her relationship with God.


Through the roller coaster ride that has been that relationship, God remains the most prominent influence on Rezin’s mission to spread His love through her music. She has a strong belief that there is a difference between claiming to follow Christ and actually walking the walk which she strives to do through her music and in her daily life. She seeks to bring a new, loud, bold voice to the Christian Hip Hop scene and change way we rep Romans 1:16. 


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