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"I was born and raised in New Orleans, La on January 16. Growing up in New Orleans was everything of D above, you have ya good days and ya bad days.. When I was young, my mother Lana Britton gave me, my sister Sha'meke, & my brother Tyrone Parker the game, and we had to learn how to play it. In the streets of New Orleans, you have to learn ya surroundings quick or they will eat ya up, it don't matter whatcha doing out doing.. As I was growing up, I always had uh love for music and learning everything I could..


I've seen a lot and done alot of things, some of them, I'm not so proud of. In New Orleans, I met my gorgeous wife Daffine Parker, when I got much older after Katrina.. We had 5 beautiful children, what can I say, umma family man.. I got saved 8 years ago and I never looked back. I believe The Most High Yah Elohim used and still is using my wife Daffine Parker.. After l pray and study The Most High Yah Elohim's Word, music is my vent, it's my go-to everyday.. The Most High Yah Elohim gets all the Honor and Glory!!! I'm glad to be apart of a label that I feel is being used by Most High!! I'm ready to play my part ya heard me!! Ted Bro, thank you for pulling me in to join the team!!! PS EnochFlowRecords is in the building!!!” said Jerome. 

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